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Chew on this: seven interesting dental facts

November 20, 2015

We continue with seven more interesting dental facts:

  1. Dentists have been around a long time—archeologists have evidence of the first dental fillings in teeth from people who lived between 7,500 and 9,000 years ago.
  2. In China, they celebrate national “Love Your Teeth Day” each year on the 20th of September. To promote dental health, a Chinese dentist used 28,000 teeth to build a giant toothshaped tower.
  3. If you had a toothache in Germany, in the Middle Ages, you would have been told to kiss a donkey to cure your toothache!
  4. In 1498, in China, the bristle toothbrush was invented. The bristles were made of the stiff hairs from the back of a pig’s neck. Pig’s hair was used in toothbrushes until 1938, when nylon bristles were introduced. Your toothbrush has about 2,500 nylon bristles grouped in forty tufts.
  5. Most Americans did not brush their teeth every day until after World War II. In WWII, the military required that soldiers brush their teeth twice a day to keep their teeth healthy. The soldiers brought that habit home after the war.
  6. The world’s oldest recipe for toothpaste is from Egypt in 400 AD. The formula included mint, salt, grains of pepper and dried iris flower. A modern day dentist made the toothpaste and said, “I found that it was not unpleasant, afterwards my mouth felt fresh and clean.”
  7. Toothpaste was used as long ago as 500 BC in China and India. Ancient toothpastes included ingredients such as soot, honey, crushed egg shells, and ground ox’s hooves. In 1873, Colgate released the first commercially prepared toothpaste, which had the minty taste we know today.
When was toothpaste invented anyway?

When was toothpaste invented anyway?

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