Snap-On Smile

Snap-On Smile in Vienna, VA

We offer snap-on smile among our dental offerings

We offer snap-on smile among our dental offerings

What do you do if you want the smile makeover that can be had with porcelain veneers but aren’t interested in permanently modifying your smile or the expense? We offer another solution: Snap-On Smile. With Snap-On Smile, patients who might not have been able to afford a smile makeover or would’ve avoided it because they don’t want dental restorations bonded to their teeth will love affordable and flexible Snap-On Smile from Farhoumand Dentistry in Vienna, VA.

Snap-On Smile was developed specifically with affordability in mind. Imagine a dental piece much like a crown and bridge that is removable, snapping into place over your natural teeth to instantly change the look of your smile. That’s a Snap-On Smile! This mouthpiece looks like a row of straight, white, full teeth, and it fits right over your own teeth to give you the look you want.

Snap-On Smile can cover up chips, gaps, cracks, discolored teeth, misshapen teeth, and crooked teeth. It can also even give you another option for tooth replacement if you’re missing just one or two teeth. Not sure whether or not porcelain veneers are for you? You can wear Snap-On Smile until you’ve made a decision and discover what a difference a beautiful smile makes!

Ready to find out if Snap-On Smile can help you feel better about your smile? Contact Farhoumand Dentistry in Vienna, VA. Tysons Corner and McLean also rely on our talented brother-and-sister dental team, Drs. Foad and Farah Farhoumand. We look forward to every opportunity to help people love their smiles!