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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Vienna, VA

Teeth Whitening in McLean, VA, Tyson's Corner and Vienna, VA

Teeth Whitening in McLean, VA, Tyson’s Corner and Vienna, VA

Patients who are interested in changing the look of their smiles usually start with teeth whitening. Why? The procedure can make conservative changes to your smile in only a short amount of time! It’s easy, but it’s also dramatic; when you turn to Farhoumand Dentistry in Vienna, VA for in-office teeth whitening with Zoom!, you’ll see your smile brighten by several shades. The Zoom! system is well-known and popular for quickly giving you amazing results in just one one-hour visit!

What makes Zoom! special? Zoom! teeth whitening uses a light that works together with the whitening gel to really get results. The procedure is quick, easy, and comfortable; you lie back in the dental chair and simply relax for about an hour while the light and gel whiten your teeth. With Zoom! in-office teeth whitening, patients often see their teeth become five to eight shades whiter, and a fluoride treatment is applied at the end to strengthen the tooth enamel. Zoom! is great for patients who have a special event coming up and want to get great results in a hurry.

We will also send you home with your own specialized dental bleaching trays. We’ll often recommend that you follow up an in-office treatment with Zoom! take-home teeth whitening in order to intensify and maintain your results.

We have a free bleaching program — Free Whitening for Life! You can receive a free refill syringe of bleaching agent after each preventive dental checkup and cleaning if you keep up with them every six months!

We also offer the newest system, Venus White, which comes with less sensitivity but the same great results!

Contact us to make an appointment for teeth whitening or any of our other cosmetic,general, or restorative dentistry services. Farhoumand Dentistry in Vienna, VA helps patients from surrounding communities like Tysons Corner, McLean, and the surrounding metropolitan Washington, D.C. area with modern dental care techniques and a commitment to comfort and fun.