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Dental Facts Friday: Dental health is Important for Overall Health

October 17, 2014

Dental Hygiene is a Critical Part of Dental Wellness

October is National Dental Hygiene Month. It’s a chance to remind people that dental hygiene is “more than a cleaning” but a critical part of dental wellness and overall wellness too.

Today’s dental hygienists are on the forefront of ensuring not only their patient’s dental wellness, but offering insight and monitoring indicators of their patient’s overall health as well.

Statistics show that 20 million Americans will see a dentist this year, but will not see a primary health care provider. A generally healthy person who may or may not see their doctor annually may actually spend more time – twice a year – with a dentist and hygienist, than with any other health care provider.

Dental health is Important for Overall Health

Though a visit to the dentist will never replace a medical examination, often a hygienist may note changes in dental health that may be an indicator of a more serious health problem.

Severe pocketing of the gums may indicate a concern about diabetes; unmanaged periodontal disease may aggravate a heart condition, or lesions in the mouth may spark a concern about oral cancer.

Dental health is Important for Overall Health

Dental health is Important for Overall Health

How to Select a Dentist or Dental Hygienist

The following are suggested services to ask for or expect when selecting a professional dentist and hygienist like the ones at Farhoumand Dental:

  • Update x-rays as needed;
  • Develop complete health history that assesses early risk factors for diabetes, heart health, and other systemic health issues;
  • Clean teeth to help ensure optimal dental health, avoid tooth decay and remove bacteria that can worsen decay;
  • Take blood pressure if indicated by patient’s health history;
  • Check for gum recession and pocketing as key changes of gum and overall health;
  • Conduct exam to check for lumps or changes around the mouth as well as on throat, jaw and neck that could indicate change in health;
  • Provide oral cancer screening if recommended based on patient’s health; and
  • Develop a periodontal health maintenance program – can be especially important for patients with diabetes or other systemic health conditions.
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