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Dental Health and Male Infertility

June 30, 2016

A new study published at the American Journal of Men’s Health seeks to assess the association between dental health and male infertility. If there was ever any doubt that men should floss too, here it is:

Dental Health and Male Infertility

A limited number of studies have reported an association between male factor infertility (MFI) and dental health status (DHS). The aim of the present study was to assess the association between DHS and MFI through a systematic review of indexed literature. To address the focused question-“Is there a relationship between DHS and MFI?”-indexed databases were searched up to March 2016 using various key words “infertility,” “periodontal disease,” “periodontitis,” “dental infection,” “caries,” and “odontogenic infection.” Letters to the editor, case reports, commentaries, historic reviews, and experimental studies were excluded. In total seven studies were included in the present systematic review and processed for data extraction. All the studies reported a positive association between MFI and DHS. The number of study participants ranged between 18 and 360 individuals. Results from six studies showed a positive association between chronic periodontitis and MFI. Three studies reported a positive relationship between MFI and odontogenic infections associated to necrotic pulp, chronic apical osteitis, and radicular cysts. One study reported a relationship between caries index and MFI.

Let Farhoumand Dentistry make you smile

Let Farhoumand Dentistry make you smile

From the literature reviewed, there seems to be a positive association between MFI and DHS; however, further longitudinal studies and randomized control trials assessing confounders are needed to establish real correlation. Dentists and general practitioners should be aware that oral diseases can influence the systemic health. Andrological examination should include comprehensive oral evaluation, and physicians detecting oral diseases should refer the patient to a dentist for further evaluation.


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