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Neglecting Dental Health Can Be Costly

May 29, 2015

Two timely publications drive the point that while being frugal is smart, being reckless with your health, and particularly your dental health, is not.

A Costly Exercise In Denial

Elizabeth Renter, a journalist who writes on health and finance, explains in a thoughtful U.S. News & World Report article:

“The national debate over health insurance largely overlooked dental coverage. But many of the problems in the health care industry — lack of access, high costs, and poor health outcomes — afflict dental coverage, too.

With far fewer Americans having dental than medical insurance, and poor dental health being linked to adverse and potentially deadly consequences, those who forgo dental treatment could find themselves with considerable bills.”

Neglecting Dental Health Can Be Costly

Robert Montenegro at ThinkBig goes into a more detailed cost analysis of dental insurance to illustrate the potentially dangerous decision to forego caring for one’s dental health:

“Let’s assume you elect not to visit the dentist for a couple years and a cavity develops. A filling will fix the issue if that cavity gets detected early on, though it’ll cost you around $175. You should have gone in for a cleaning!

Even if you have to get it filled, at least you will have nipped the problem in the bud. But what if your cavity doesn’t get detected early because, most likely, you elected to go even longer between dentist visits? You then run the risk of needing a root canal, and that’ll set you back between $700-$900.

Not to mention the pain.”

All policy questions aside, dental health is your health: floss only the teeth you want to keep!

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